FDI offers the following line of RSLTM (ISL) Digital Displacement testing equipment, along with services to train personal and maintain equipment.
For a quote and information please contact us at sales@fracturediagnostics.net

tensile_frame_thumbTensile Frame Systems
This unit is designed for testing specimens or threaded parts in tension using either the RSLTM (ISL) method or standard tensile loading parameters. It is capable of exerting tensile forces up to 20,000 pounds, and can also be used to test materials or parts in simulated service environments.

bending_frame_thumbBending Frame Systems
This unit uses 4 point bending to put stress on either a standard single notch square bar specimen or an actual threaded specimen. It can be used in air as a quality monitoring tool, or to provide tests with an imposed potential in a reservoir containing an aqueous solution, test materials, or parts in simulated service environments.

motor_controller_thumbMotor Controller
This controlling unit takes the output from the specially designed software and relays the instructions to the RSLTM (ISL) Testing Frame.
scientific_controller_thumbAdapters Bending/Tensile
The versatility of FDI RSLTM (ISL) testing systems are realized with the assortment of Adapters offered by FDI. Even custom threads and parts of a wide range of geometries can be tested through the use of the right adapter.

RSL_SoftwareRSLTM (ISL) Testing Training Courses
FDI offers training courses to enable users and technicians to take full advantage of the RSLTM (ISL) Testing Systems.

RSL_SoftwareRSLTM (ISL) System Calibration Services
FDI provides calibration services required and necessary to maintain RSLTM (ISL) Testing Systems performing at their optimum levels.